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Agronetics is a technology based company that integrates automation, instrumentation and IoT in different field such as agriculture, aquaculture, manufacturing and mechatronics.

Agronetics have developed an IoT Based Smart Farming System which is used to solve and improve precision plant growth and irrigation system. The main focus would be for plantations on a small scale for farmers or agriculturists to nurture and observe the plant. The system is able to monitor the growth rate of the plant by collecting and tracking the information data of the plants such as the water availability, soil condition and temperature. This information is vital as it would provide the prediction or forecasting the needs of the crop to achieve optimum growth rate. This device utilizes both smart irrigation, monitoring sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) systems.

IoT Based Smart Farming System


AgroVerse Project: Automated Fertigation System
Agronetics Project: IOT based Smart Farming System
Agronetics Project: IOT based Smart Farming System
 (Farming Site)
Agronetics Project: Agriculture Crop Detection
 (Farming Site)



We provide automation in our fertigation system to produce and deliver goods and services with minimal human intervention.

IoT Cloud Services

We implement IoT and Cloud services in our fertigation system which help business of farmers to store, manage and process data over cloud-enabled platforms providing flexibility, scalability and connectivity.

Consultation & Training

We provide a myriad of cutting edge Industry 4.0 related consultation and training. We have conducted training for TERAJU, CREST, RGM Network apart from other government and private organisations.

Machine Learning

We utilize machine learning in our services. Machine learning is significant because it provides businesses with insights into trends in customer behaviour and business operating patterns, as well as assisting in the development of new products.


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Our greatest team!

Dr. Mohd Azraai Bin Mohd Razman

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Muhammad Amirul Bin Abdullah

Product Design Manager

Ms. Nurul Qastalani Binti Radzuan

Community Manager

Mr. Muhammad Nur Aiman Bin Shapiee

Electrical and Instrument Engineer

Mr. Safronizan Bin Yahya        


Mr. Mohd Izzat Bin Mohd Rahman

Technical Executive Officer

Ms. Nurul Syafiqah Binti Zaidi

UI/UX Developer

Mr. Mohd Azri Bin Mohd Razman

Technology Support


Our greatest trainee!

Mr. Chew Yang

Software Trainee

Mr. Loh Zi Hao   

Software Trainee

Mr. Mohd Akid Shazri Bin Mohd Shapari

Mechatronics Trainee

Mr. Mokhzani Bin Abu Bakar   

Mechatronics Trainee

Mr. Muhd Hariz Asyraf Bin Marzuki 

Mechatronics Trainee

Mr. Nik Abdul Rahman Bin Nik Mohd Rahimi

Mechatronics Trainee